Research and development

The entire Optim’Care team and its partners place the improvement of transplant patients’ lives at the heart of their research..

Our strategy

An R&D strategy structured around 2 types of innovations:


Research axis "pathway"

Organizational innovations

Develop solutions facilitating the implementation of new organizations.

Optim’Care is continuously improving its existing solution and associated services thanks to feedback from professionals and patients.

We use new technologies and human support in order to facilitate patients and healthcare professionals life.

Research Axis "Risk factors and biomarkers"

Technological innovations

Develop AI based solutions to support clinicians decisions.


Optim’Care has set up an ambitious research program to develop medical decision support software but also diagnostic and prognostic software to predict the risks for each patient.
Thanks to research partnerships, we are developing algorithms to interpret biomarkers and risk factors to make precision medicine in transplantation possible.


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